10 Power Principles to Build Extraordinary Business Relationships

Here are 10 power principles that you can use in your business networking to build great relationship quickly.

1.  Relationships are crucial to success in every area of our lives. Whatever we want to do in life is dependent on the relationships we have. And your success is directly correlated to making other people successful!

2. S ocial capital is the new currency in meeting people and building relationships. Building your social capital is an absolutely critical part of creating your version of an extraordinary life. Learn how to do it, and make it happen. It will open the doors for unlimited opportunities and extraordinary relationships. It also is the defining factor your ability to have others see you as a leader.

3. Mastering your psychology to recondition your brain along with cultivating great habits are an absolute must if you want an extraordinary life. Create change first within yourself. Get your old “addictions” that no longer serve you such as procrastination, feeling incomplete, insecurity, anxious and more.

4. Lead with giving, helping and inspiring in all your interactions and you will take your life to the next level. Stop trying to get things from others and being a “taker.” It leads to worrying or obsessing about outcomes, which puts a stranglehold on your life. Instead turn, “What’s in it for me?” into “How can make that person’s life better?” That may be something small or big.

5. Create a strategic people plan for business so you focus on the key people that you need to meet and build relationships with. From these people, you can create your personal board of directors to guide you and bounce ideas o of.

6. Your life is not compartmentalized. Everything you do a ects everything else.

7. Some places are much better to meet people than others. Charity and nonprofit events are the best place for social and business interactions.

8. Leverage the power of groups to meet people. It’s the best and easiest way to create a massive network. And you can do it in very little time and much less time than you think.

9. Social and communication skills are learned behaviors and anyone can master them. You are not born with these skills. You must practice them daily.

10. Vulnerability is the gateway to honesty, authenticity, directness, and transparency with others. Lead with it in your interactions. It speeds up the relationship building process

Jason Treu is an executive coach that works with individuals and teams on leadership and performance. Debuted at TEDxWilmington, his free team building, Cards Against Mundanity, is being played in hundreds of organizations to increase performance, creativity, and collaboration. His book, Social Wealth, has sold more than 50,000 copies.


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