A Cryptocurrency Platform For The Real World: TensorBit

Recently there has been some big changes shaking up the crypto world with the banning of ICOs in China. The reasoning is due to the large amount of fraud and illegal fundraising. It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine what is a good ICO from a bad one. What the crypto world needs now is an ICO which will further help cement its legitimacy. I wanted to share with you an ICO which is doing just that. The name is TensorBit and it has created a concept which essentially outsources intellectual work TensorBitalong the lines of machine learning and artificial networks using the blockchain. Now this is something that a lot of companies and even individuals could find useful. It is not shady in any way and has real world application in the tech sector, automotive sector, and who knows what else.

TensorBit is an ICO that the world needs right now. The founders claim that this technology can drastically reduce the amount of time required to train neural networks or other types of machine learning. I have done my fair amount of research into machine learning and artificial intelligence and the number one thing I hear from people in this field is that big problems take big amounts of time and resources to solve. TensorBit is aiming to break open these bottlenecks. What this means is that large machine learning problems that would normally take weeks to solve can be reduced to days or hours by utilizing the combined computing powers of the blockchain.

I sure hope that this ICO takes off because it is exactly what the ICO world needs right now. Some legitimacy and a useful service that the whole world can use to innovate.

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