A Language-Learning Vacation in Ecuador

Deciding where to go and what to do on your vacation is one of the more pleasant decisions in life that we have to make. It is good to widen our horizons and consider new options for where we are going to spend those precious two weeks or so of vacation each summer. It is also true that many people have become a little disillusioned with the regular package holiday where you travel from iconic spot to historic site, snapping away with your smart phone or camera until it is time to return home and go back to work.

One of the more interesting options to consider when thinking about your annual vacation is to sign up for a language-learning holiday. This provides a meaningful way to spend time in a foreign country and to learn about the history, politics, society and culture of the host country while you also learn the language. The language is always the main carrier of the culture of any particular people, and thus learning the language opens up the gateway to the culture in all its aspects.

For people living in the US and Canada the most obvious choices for learning a language are Spanish which as many claim is soon to become the dominant language in the US, or French which is spoken in some parts of Canada. Japanese and Chinese are also two growing contenders for a second language for native English speakers in North America. But with the entire sub continent of Central and South America close at hand, Spanish has to be the primary focus for any person looking to learn a second language, especially as it becomes increasingly handy to be able to converse in Spanish in North America.

One of the locations that is best for learning Spanish is the tiny country of Ecuador that straddles the equator line on the western side of the continent facing the Pacific Ocean. The Spanish spoken there is particularly clear and slow, thus easy to understand for students trying to get a grasp on the language. And there are many Spanish schools to choose from, such as Yanapuma Spanish School, one of the leaders in Spanish language study vacations in Ecuador. With centers in both cosmopolitan capital city Quito and historic colonial city Cuenca, students can spend from one week or more immersing themselves in the Spanish language while exploring the culture, history and diversity of the country.

Spanish language learning holidays are becoming increasingly popular for families too, as parents look for meaningful ways to explore the world around them with their children and offer them casual educational opportunities. So taking Spanish classes can be a smaller or larger part of an overall travel program for any family.

While in Ecuador Spanish students have the opportunity to visit the Amazon rain forest and cloud forest, explore the Pacific coast fishing towns, hike to snow-capped volcanoes in the Andes Mountains, and of course to visit the unequalled Galapagos Islands to learn about evolution and witness at first hand its effects. All in all there is a huge variety of activities on offer for visitors to Ecuador, starting with Spanish classes to make travel and exploration of the culture and environment easier and more compelling.

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