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Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With Promotional Gifts

You may not believe the fact that the world has now become a global village, YES a global village. Everyone is connected, word of mouth reaches out there with a speed of light. Social media has played a big role in crafting an outstanding marketing strategy for businesses but yet again there are several other strategies that have been classified as classic that still win hearts. For instance, just a few weeks ago I ordered a make up kit online through a Facebook page and I got a promotional lip kit as a gift from that company. I was overwhelmed and it instantly became my go-to make up store. An amalgamation of social media marketing paired with promotional gifts has become a chart buster in the new world of technological advancements. There are several ways to utilize your limited sources and combine it with a classic strategy to come up with an amazing strategy. Social media is a go-to marketing strategy in the recent world, furthermore in order to really connect with your clients it is essential to understand traditional and social media marketing to create a bombastic strategy. Some intriguing facts have come out through a national study by BPMA, 87% of the recipients claimed to have kept a promotional gift for more than a year.  My sister recently won a weight machine online through Eli Lily’s online campaign and since then all our family members instantly recognize the brand as it has created a friendly image in our mind. Here are a few benefits and strategies to amalgamate social media and promotional gifts to launch or re-vamp your brand.

  1. A concrete amalgamation- COMBINE BOTH!!

Utilizing social media marketing and a promotional gift is a killer combination because gifts are far more concrete than a tweet or a Facebook post. To increase the longevity of your product it eventually becomes quintessential to utilize multiple ways to promote a product. You can give away pens, sticky notes and mugs to your customers. For instance, during an exhibition many companies give away their promotional products to people coming across their stalls.


  1. Enhance and energize your social media presence

Recently, many online companies such as Huda Beauty (an online make up store) started a campaign to increase their social media presence by asking people to like and share their page. In return, through a lucky draw a winner will be chosen and she will get a Huda beauty kit and several other products. This strategy automatically enhances the social media presence of a company.

social media presence

  1. Promotional gifts and social media campaigns are BFF’s

Social media has paved way for drastic improvements in the business field. Promotional products add a tinge of longer lasting, real time element and a physical bonus to a business. Along with that, social media acts as a strong companion increasing a company’s strength and enhancing brand image in their target audience.

social media campaigns

  1. A game changer for boring businesses

Many businesses find it hard to deal with customers especially when their business is not exciting enough. Promotional gift can be a game changer for such companies. If a Facebook user can get a free key chain after subscribing to a news letter it is highly likely that he will recommend to his friends to utilize this sweet deal.

boring businesses

  1. Add value and keep it simple

Promotional gifts and competitions are an old marketing strategy; they are as old as 20th century. The “retweet and follow to win” campaign is probably the most successful collaboration of social media and promotional gifts. It has been utilized to promote possibly everything.

  1. Power and multi-functional collaboration

Social media has now become an extremely strong and multi-functional platform, moreover it increases brand recognition among prospective customers. In another survey conducted by AsiaCentral suggested that 41.8% of consumers said that they will like and follow a company’s page after receiving a promotional gift.

brand recognition

  1. Seamless integration

Every inch of a marketing campaign should work like magic. 1.7 billion people use facebook every month and about 320 million users utilize twitter. This number is not just a number for businesses, they have to find their market and target audience, furthermore they also need to come up with ideas that showcase their brand or business with an “out there” approach. A seamless integration of social media and promotional gifts can be a marvelous idea.

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