Roof Restoration

Guide To Roof Restoration

So you’ve been told that your roof is in need of repairs, that pesky roof leak has gotten worse and on top of that, the tiles or metal roof surface is looking really old and worn out. But instead of suggesting you get the roof replaced, the tradesperson has given you a quote for roof restoration. What’s this all about? Is this a better option than repair or replacing your roof? Here’s our guide to the benefits and dangers of a roof restoration.

Roof restoration includes repairs

By definition, a roof restoration includes all the necessary repairs for the roof to be safe and sound. It also includes a roof report, roof cleaning and most importantly roof painting. Having the roof repaired as part of the services means that you don’t need to worry about having it painted and then getting leaks again in the future. It’s all cared for at once. Did you know that a good quality roof restoration service includes the roof and the gutters. Most reputable companies can give you a quote to replace gutters as well as downpipes, or just to paint them and the fascia board to match the new roof colour.

You’ll save thousands over a full roof replacement

A good quality roof restoration is about 4-5 times cheaper than a roof replacement. That can mean literally thousands of dollars of savings which you can use on other areas of your home. Often times, a simple roof restoration is all that’s needed. Why remove roof tiles that have simply lost their sheen when you can paint them and make the tile look even better than new.

Your roof will look brand new

The major benefit of a roof restoration is the new and fresh look. You will be able to pick a modern colour for the roof to be painted and this will definitely make it the best looking house on the street. A roof painting service will add big value to you home and if you choose to sell will modernise the appearance, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

What about the dangers?

Generally speaking, the main danger comes from using an unqualified tradesperson to perform the roof restoration. You need to always make sure that the person you use to paint the roof is fully qualified in the roofing trade and has experience. You can ask them for some addresses of other houses they have restored in your area. A reputable roof restoration company will probably be able to give you several homes close to you, if not, it means that don’t that many roof restorations – In that case beware!

After all has been said done, getting an included roof inspection for free is a great way to give you some peace of mind about your roof. If you really want to make your roof look great, make it watertight from roof leaks and save big money compared to a roof replacement, you should really consider the benefits that a roof restoration can bring you and your home.

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