Healthy pregnancy is a norm for a healthy baby

Pregnancy is the time where you are over the moon. The arrival of a new born is going to make your gloomy life, full of energy. There are a lot of positive symptoms that arise at this point of time, but there are some unpleasant symptoms as well. The best part is that not all of them are permanent and it is going to disappear on its own once pregnancy is over.

Breasts size increases

During pregnancy the size of the breast increases and this is going to continue throughout the phase of pregnancy. It seems possible to increase several sizes of support when you are pregnant.

Skin changes

You should not be surprised with the comment that your skin glows during pregnancy. There is an increase in the volume of blood which makes your cheeks a little pink in colour than the normal self. An increase in the hormone levels is responsible for a brighter skin. The same concept applies to acne when you are pregnant.

It is only darkening of the areola that is going to remain during pregnancy, rest all of them are going to disappear after pregnancy.

Mood swings

A certain pedigree of mood swings is expected during the course of pregnancy. There are some women who suffer from depression before and after child birth. In case if you are suffering from symptoms of depression and have a negative feeling towards hurting yourself then get in touch with your doctor on how to deal with the situation.

Nerve problems

Neurological disorders in pregnancy are something that happens to be common. You need to take care of it at the earliest so that the right course of treatment can be provided. Neurological disorders in pregnancy medicine can help you to deal with the situation.

There are various side effects that could arise when you are pregnant. The general feeling would to be to discuss with your doctor on how to tackle these symptoms. But at the same time there are some things that you need to stay away from when pregnant


At present the doctors are of the opinion that a single drop of alcohol is forbidden during pregnancy. It does pose a considerable degree of pressure on the womb and causes problems to both the mother along with the baby during pregnancy.


Smoking during the course of pregnancy does have its own set of risks. The chances of the baby having a silent death in the womb increases


Illegal use of drugs like cocaine could be the reason for premature births, abortions along with a host of health problems. The worst part is that babies can be born with addiction to various types of drugs.

In case if you have any issues with drugs, smoking or alcohol and are finding it difficult to quit get in touch with your doctor. Do discuss with them before you are opting for any medicines during pregnancy. This may include herbal supplements or medicines sold over the counter.

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