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Smart devices have influenced every sector. Transportation and logistics industries are no exception. With the latest technology and dedicated mobile app development, it is now possible to offer smart solution to the freight and logistics companies. Let’s learn about the features and functions that a custom made mobile app can offer.

Real time tracking 

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any logistic industry. The latest mobile technology can offer the best of real time tracking options. You can easily locate your shipment with the help of sophisticated trackers inbuilt in these apps. It is easy to use. Moreover, it can work faster than the GPS navigation. 

Proof of goods delivery

These apps can also help in generating e-proofs for goods delivery. The staff can now use these apps to get the signs of customers after the delivery. Moreover, there is no room for cheating as these signs will match up with the one present in database to provide 100% security.

As soon as the customer receives a shipment, the message can automatically pop up in the manager’s app. This will ensure no fraud as well as an on time delivery.

Tracking the productivity of employees

These apps allow logistics industry to track the field employees. With the location and logs enabled apps, directors can easily track the employee productivity.

Inventory management

Mobile apps can help you to manage all types of info. You can get the data of inventories, returned goods and manpower distributions. It can help in cutting the business cost. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the need of finance managers.

Booking services

These apps also help in booking services for you. No more phone calls or personal meetings needed. Just one click and you are done.


This is a new feature launched by Smartphones companies. Now, you can pay all your bills with just one click. It works by collaborating with the banks and online transaction systems. Receiving payment have never been easier, thanks to M-payment.


A custom made app can also be used to carry out surveys. Your customers can conduct the survey and help you in keeping the records.

Customer services

A well-versed app can help you and your customers. The custom-made app is quite useful for your customers in tracking shipments and estimating their delivery time.

Customer feedback

It is an important part to improve your business. With direct access to the feedback options, your customers can write their reviews. You can consider the suggestion or feedback to improve and increase your business.

Several benefits

Apart from all these features mobile app development will also ensure an increased ROI for you. Some other benefits are:

  • Operational excellence in delivery or pickup of shipments
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved field productivity
  • Accuracy and precision in weight or dimension measurements
  • Improved customer base because of good services
  • Improvement in time management
  • Increase in profit ratio


To avail all the above mentioned benefits, get a custom app developed today. Take the help of reputed mobile application development companies to get a multi-functional app.

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