Pink Clothing Day

Pink is a beautiful color and can express a lot of feelings like love and happiness. You can find pink in different shades, which means there is a pink shade for every skin color. You need to determine what shade of pink looks on you best. If you have dark or brown hair and olive skin, then you can choose hot pink. If you have blonde hair and light skin, then you can play with pastel pinks like.

Pink can work well for dressy occasions or casual looks. You can pair pink with metallic or black accessories to create a stylish outfit. If you have decided that today is your pink clothing day you can choose from pink dresses, pink tank tops with blush pink bottoms or a hot pink skirt with a peach pink shirt.

Types of Pink Dresses

You are going to an event and choose a pink dress be careful to opt for one that fits well and it’s attractively styled. Pink can be considered sweet and girly, but it literally depends on the shade. If you pair one of your pink dresses with a leather jacket and some metallic accessories you will totally have a punk-rock outfit. If you are wearing a cool pastel pink dress with stilettos and a glamorous clutch you will have an elegant look.


For a romantic approach wear a flattering pink dress made from soft textures like silk or lace. With floral motifs, ballerina flats and delicate jewelry you will have a romantic look. Opt for a cashmere cardigan and some retro eye cat sunglasses.

Sequined Pink Dress

If you are invited to a cocktail event be bold and wear a sequined pink dress. Sequins are appropriate for special occasions and can add sparkle to the party. You can style womanly this type of dress with black leather heels and with sophisticated vintage shades.

Pink is not a color just for girls, especially when you know how to style it correctly for your evening party or for the office. From weddings to night-out parties, a pink dress is versatile, fun and feminine. You can cut the sugary mood that pink gives you with accessories that don’t play nice, like leather or studs.

Forget that pink is not for you. It’s an easy color to be sacred of but you better get used with this amazing shade, because it will totally improve your style. Find your pink shade, commit to it and wear it with confidence.

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