Preparing for pregnancy

Before calendar due date pregnancy, for many women the phase of pregnancy planning begins. Some others choose to plan for pregnancy when they are of being pregnant. Yes, with a proper calendar for pregnancy planning ensures that the baby happens to be in the best of health. As part of the pregnancy planning some of the steps that are recommended are

  • A discussion with your health care provider about the consumption of nutrients, vitamins, exercise and weight gain. You might need to keep away from certain medicines or even alcohol
  • As part of the pregnancy planning you would need to consider the phase when to have sexual intercourse when a woman is most fertile. Couples who are part of regular sexual intercourse and do not conceive needs to consult a fertility expert. Women who are above the age of 35 years should try to consult a fertility expert even if they are not able to conceive 6 months after trying
  • There are some women who experience a small degree of bleeding known as implantation bleeding and this happens to be around the time of menstrual period. Some women may not even be aware that they are pregnant till the symptoms of pregnancy may begin to appear. There could be a possibility that they would have exposed themselves to substances that might be harmful during the phase of pregnancy. If a lady chooses in sticking to pregnancy planning before conception then it does make sense to stick away from substances that are dangerous during pregnancy

What is a pregnancy calendar?

With the help of a pregnancy calendar a woman is able to determine what are the changes that are taking place in the womb during the course of pregnancy. A calculator also helps to figure out the due date of a baby. Most versions of pregnancy calculators or calendars can be found online

What is the duration of time a woman can choose to conceive after stopping birth control?

At a physical level a woman is able to conceive as soon as she stops birth control measures. There are certain hormonal methods that are designed for long term contraception; the effects could take some time to wear off due to the hormonal effects being worn off.

The healthy diet as part of pregnancy planning?

A healthy diet that does go on to provide all the essential nutrients for a developing baby increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy. Because of this reason it is suggested that you keep away from certain diets during pregnancy and do not stick to weight loss diet modules. When it is a healthy diet limit the intake of your sugar. A lot of woman does stick to a healthy diet long before conception so that delivering a healthy baby increases. What a healthy diet means is same for a pregnant as well as a non-pregnant woman.

It is suggested that you need to keep away from certain foods during the tenure of pregnancy. Example would be caffeine where you need to limit its intake.

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