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Tips for Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Healthy is the new glamorous. Forget about shrinking into a size six. Focus on a strong, healthy body. Follow these tips from the experts to ramp up your healthy lifestyle choices. While waist size and the numbers on a scale tell a true story about your health and pressures on your heart, body strength, endurance and flexibility are also critical components of a healthy physique.  Don’t focus on weight. Focus on diet and exercise and the weight will begin to come off.

Commit to a good twenty minutes of walking or light exercise every day. From gardening to hiking to housekeeping, the whole goal is to just get moving. Your heart will begin to feel a difference in just a few short weeks. You’ll develop increased oxygen flow which will lead to increased energy levels.  It’s truly a domino effect.  Within two months you’ll have developed a healthy habit that can last for a life time. As you become strong and gain more stamina you’ll develop the confidence and ability to take on more strenuous exercises such as weight lifting ad yoga.  Enjoy this gradual progression of intensity.


Next, take a close look at the contents of your pantry and refrigerator. The number one killer in our diets is added sugar and sodium. These act as preservatives and become so addictive. Sugar is like cocaine or nicotine. The body quickly becomes addicted. You’ll be surprised at the levels of sugar that are added to everyday foods that you would have otherwise considered to be savory.  The body experiences huge energy highs and lows with the consumption of sugar. Salt is the second killer. Do you feel bloated and fatigued? Sodium contributes to lethargy and inflammation of just about every body part and organ. Commit to fresh fruits, vegetable and leans meats while forgoing heavily processed food and you’ll avoid much of this added sugar and salt. Your body will thank you.

Finally, treat yourself. You’re on the road to developing a healthy and natural lifestyle. Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy a fresh natural bouquet from to reward yourself for your progress towards a new lifestyle!

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