Types of water filtration techniques

When one drinks clean and healthy water, it means they are choosing a healthy way of living. It also shows on your skin and your body system when you drink pure water.

The only way now by which one can drink healthy and pure water is only after drinking from a water purifier. These machines have to be installed in a house and in work space so that one can drink healthy water whenever they can. Water purifiers are needed because they can easily remove all the pollutants present in the regular tap water which is supplies and make it safe so that one can drink them without thinking twice. Also the modern machines or the purifiers help one to stay away from the attack of all the water borne diseases because they remove the infectious particles from water.

Water pollution has increased so much these days that there are many pollutants present there. Also a good amount of kitchen and industrial wastes keep getting mixed regularly in water bodies which reach the water supplies regularly. This toxic water if one drinks then they will definitely get affected. There are many people who also believe in the notion that boiling water and then drinking it can be a safe idea. But this is definitely not a sorted solution at present. One only needs a water purifier because it can remove all the harmful chemicals present in the water and make it proper and safe for drinking purpose.

When one thinks of purification process there are actually quite a few water purification techniques. Here are some major ones which one can get to see in the popular machines.

Reverse Osmosis or RO

It is the most popular process when it comes to water purification. They actually include a multi stage filtration process because it has both the active carbons filtration and the other processes of filtration. In this case, the water is mostly passed down through a semi permeable membrane and this membrane has very fine pores. So, this technique is able to remove all the micro organisms and minerals present in tap water. Apart from that, a good RO water purifier also makes the water taste good. It is said that RO purifiers work the best in those areas where the amount of dissolved salt is high in water.

Ultra Violet or UV

It is another kind of water filtration process and this one is also very effective. Here the machine tries to use some very powerful lamps of UV so that it can kill all the negative bacteria present in tap water. This filtration process is perfect to remove if pesticides are present in water.

Ultra Filtration or UF

When one comes to this water purification process there is a use of this hollow membrane which can successfully remove all the dust, chlorine and micro organisms present in water.

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