Visiting Virginia on a Budget

If you’re looking for somewhere to go on vacation in the United States that isn’t quite as frenzied or congested as the usual crowd favorites like New York, Miami and Las Vegas, look no further than Virginia. This East Coast state with its old world charm and rich history features many fun, interesting, and—perhaps best of all—affordable attractions. Here are a few creative ways you can enjoy a visit to Virginia on a budget:

Go On A Williamsburg Ghost Tour

As the center of the American Revolution and the colonial capital of Virginia, the main appeal of Williamsburg lies in its deep history. In the almost 400 years that it has been a city, it has been shrouded in great mystery, with rumors of strange activity and hauntings abounding. Learn more about its intricate past by going on either an hour-long or 90-minute guided walking tour across sacred Indian burial grounds, historic haunted streets, and famous local landmarks.

Tour guides are licensed and registered with the city of Williamsburg, and the stories they share are based on fact and thorough research. Ticket prices for these Colonial Williamsburg ghost tours vary depending on the length of the tour you choose to go on, but they are generally below $20. Kids and adults alike enjoy this thrilling adventure, and the unique experience you are sure to gain is well worth the price of admission.

Go To The Beach

Virginia is home to some incredibly lovely beaches where it would cost you almost nothing to spend a day in the sun and sand. One of the most popular beaches in the area would definitely have to be Virginia Beach. It is free and surrounded by exciting attractions such as the Ocean Breeze Waterpark and the Virginia Aquarium, not to mention plenty of shopping and dining options along the 3-mile boardwalk.

Buckroe Beach is another free beach and is deeply rooted in history, being one of the oldest recreational areas in the state. For a quieter and more relaxing experience, Sandbridge is a favorite for families on vacation. Laidback doesn’t necessarily mean boring, though; there are plenty of things to do at Sandbridge, including surfing, fishing, and even whale-watching!

Visit A Winery And/Or Brewery

Virginia is a one of a kind wine destination, with more than 300 wineries, breweries, vineyards and wine trails bordered by gorgeous mountain views and scenery. A trip to Virginia wouldn’t be complete without going on a wine tasting tour.

A popular wine trail is the 211 Scenic Vino Wine Trail, which is made up of seven wineries and one distillery along Route 211. Another one would be the Bedford Wine Trail, which boasts breathtaking glimpses of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Smith Mountain Lake as you visit six different wineries. Then there is the Shenandoah County Wine Trail, where majestic mountains serve as the backdrop for eight award-winning wineries.

You can save money on these tours by booking a travel package, which covers winery visits and accommodations, and often includes discounts on food and other tempting freebies.

All in all, Virginia is an exceptionally diverse cultural and historical destination that offers plenty of fascinating things to see and do, even on a limited budget. With some imagination and creativity, you can surely plan a memorable yet affordable vacation that your family or travel buddies will thoroughly enjoy.

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