Is a Receptionist Still Relevant in this Age?

Do you still need a receptionist in the office? Is it still a worthy investment or it is an unnecessary expense? Keep on reading and let us explore whether or not you still need to have a receptionist in this age.

Yes, A Receptionist is Still Relevant

To answer the question, yes, your office still needs a receptionist. Inbound and outbound reception is important to make the visitors feel that they are welcomed in an office. In one article from Forbes, it has been reiterated that a clueless receptionist today will lead to a bankrupt business tomorrow. This explains the crucial role of the person in the front office.

The receptionist will be the face of the business. This is why most large corporations invest in a receptionist, making sure that someone will manage the arrival of guests. The receptionist needs to have people skills to provide guests with a memorable experience.

No, We Are Not Talking about a Human Receptionist

These days, human receptionists are no longer necessary. We are living in a time when technology has replaced their functions. With the emergence of apps like Greetly, registration and issuance of visitor badges can be automated. There is no more need to employ a full-time employee to do these tasks.

Basically, the visitors will have to log-in through a tablet or computer. The software will allow them to enter personal details on their own instead of manually signing in a logbook. Their signature will also be retrieved, and a photo will be captured. Upon successful registration, their contact person will be automatically notified, and a visitor badge will be printed. To know more about how visitor registration works, check out

So, what makes a digital receptionist better than an actual human? On the top of the list of its benefits would be the cost savings. There is an initial cost for setting up the technology, but in the long-run, you will be able to save a lot of money. With a human receptionist, you need to pay an actual person not only a monthly salary but also perks and benefits.

A digital receptionist is also a quicker way to process visitor arrivals because it is automated. There is no human interaction and things are done through an electronic platform. Depending on the software that you will choose, there is even an option to pre-register prior to the arrival to make things quicker.

To add, a digital receptionist is also beneficial in the sense that it shows how tech-advanced the company is. It demonstrates the willingness of the business to embrace technology to improve its operations. This can help make a positive impression on clients and visitors in the office.

To sum it up, yes, a receptionist is still relevant in this age. However, this does not mean that a human receptionist is what your business needs. Now is the time to go digital in the office, even when it comes to your receptionist!

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