Lawyers and Technology: An Inevitable Marriage

It is a fact that technology changed the way we live. More so, it has also changed the business landscape, including law firms. With that, in the rest of this post, we will explore the marriage between lawyers and technology, as well as some of the best ways by which the legal professionals can use technology to their advantage.

A Complicated Relationship

In one article from Forbes, the author noted that technology is transforming almost all areas of the legal ecosystem, including skill sets, education, culture, and training, among others. Despite this, however, the relationship seems to be complicated.

Among others, one of the biggest challenges in the marriage of lawyers and technology is the age of many professionals. Most of them grew up without computers, so they have hesitations in using technology in their practice. Despite the fact that technology, such as law practice management software, can benefit their profession, they are sometimes unwilling to use it.

In contrast to older lawyers, the younger ones find it hard to imagine how to work without technology. For them, technology is a critical component of legal service delivery. They are more receptive of technology.

It should be noted, however, that technology is not a replacement to lawyers. Rather, they are complementary, and hence, the marriage,

How Lawyers Can Use Technology

Despite the complicated relationship, it is inevitable that lawyers and technology will merge. This is important for delivering the highest level of satisfaction to their clients. With this, below are some of the ways by which lawyers can incorporate technology into their practice:

  • Billing Management: With the use of legal billing software like Rocket Matter, it will be easier for lawyers to keep track of their billables. The computation is done automatically using a smart system. Also, this ensures the timely distribution of invoices to guarantee receipt of payment on time.
  • Document Access: Technology, especially the cloud, has also made it easier for lawyers to work anytime and anywhere. They have a secure platform where they can access documents relevant to the cases they are handling. They do not need to be in the office all the time.
  • Legal Research: Another way by which lawyers are using technology is through legal research. There is no need to be buried with books and spend the night in the library doing research. Things are now easier with the internet. They can even use e-discovery to gather data needed for a case.
  • Marketing: Like other businesses, lawyers and law firms must have a robust marketing strategy to spread the word about their services. With this, technology can extend a helping hand when it comes to automating marketing tasks. It provides an affordable way for lawyers to market themselves, such as through email and social media marketing, among others.  

In sum, from the discussions above, it is pretty much obvious by now that lawyers and technology are destined to be married. Using innovative approaches is critical for the success of legal professionals, especially in making sure that their clients are satisfied.

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